Pdf drop down arrows not working
Prince Edward Island - 2020-03-01

Pesky validation list drop-down arrows won't go away. Up and Down Arrows don't work Apple Community.

pdf drop down arrows not working

Hi Guys, Looks like there is a weird mouse click handling bug, present in the editor, for the 4.5 preview (changelist 2285951), under OSX. Some controls, most notably the drop-down options, e.g. the drop-down options next to the "Compile" button in the main toolbar, do not respond to single clicks anymore.. 14/11/2015В В· I am using (Host OS ) El Caption GM candidate , (guest OS ) Windows 10 and parallels 11 . If the menu control is a drop down , the drop down won't appear and won't the control won't work in office products like Outlook , Word ,Excel etc..
3/02/2013В В· In the Appearance/Widgets page none of my dropdown arrows are working. If I click on any down arrows on the page, nothing happens. This is even the case for the dropdown arrows for Screen Options and Help at the top right of the page... all sidebars, etc. 18/02/2015В В· I have tested this with drop down lists that do and do not have the "arrow" specified ad also with pop up menus. I can't tab into the field if the arrow option is specified, but once I click the arrow to deploy the list, the up and down arrows work just fine.

pdf drop down arrows not working

26/02/2013 · EZ Pdf Reader does recognize the items in a drop down with a pop-up window but does not recognize the JavaScript used to set other drop down fields. This is a problem common to both iOS devices and android devices.. You can create drop down lists on a worksheet with Excel’s data validation feature, and they make data entry much easier – usually! Sometimes things go wrong though, like missing drop down arrows ….
“Creating Drop Down Menus With Adobe Acrobat YouTube”.
Bottom Line: The drop-down arrow (icon) for a data validation list disappears when another cell is selected. This technique will make the drop-down arrow permanently visible on the worksheet, even if the user selects a different cell..
pdf drop down arrows not working

24/06/2011 · The topic ‘[Closed] WordPress dashboard drop down menu arrows not working’ is closed to new replies. Known issues and solutions » Frequently asked support questions ». We changed over to Account Right from Essentials on 1st July. I have had continuing problems with the drop down arrow not working. Eg To enter Pay. That's a feature, not a bug… An alternative to the already presented solution which would work with other PDF viewers, and also with some mobile PDF viewers would be to place a cover field over the drop down boxes, so that it just covers the arrow box..

pdf drop down arrows not working
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